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Talus™ delivers big aromas of pink grapefruit, citrus rinds, dried roses, pine resin, tropical fruits, and sage. These unique and impactful aromas remain throughout the brewing process.

Talus®, previously known as HBC 692. It is the result of a hybrid pollination of the Sabro® and open pollination. Talus® has been described as "intense flavors of citrus, flowers, and wood with grapefruit, stone fruit, oak, coconut, and pine." Talus is a daughter of Sabro, the coconut aroma and flavor is much softer and more subdued than how it displays in Sabro. Neomexicanus heritage

Talus® is also an interesting hop because it usually has a 1:1 ratio of alpha to beta. This characteristic is highly sought after by German brewers for pilsners because it helps create a more "harmonious" bitterness.

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Characteristics pink grapefruit, citrus rinds, dried roses, pine resin, tropical fruits and sage
Usage Dual Purpose
Alpha Acid 6.8%
Beta Acid 9%
Co-Humulone 34% - 39%
Total Oil 1.7 mL/100g
Myrcene 31.2%
Humulene 28.4%
Caryophyllene 9% - 13%
Farnesene 0% - 1%
Style Guide Wheat Ale, Golden Ale, American style lagers, Pale Ales, India Pale Lager (IPL), India Pale Ale (IPA), Session IPA, New England IPA, Imperial IPA.
Storage Index .341
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