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Bitter Gold Hop Pellets MI (2021)
BITTER GOLD Michigan Hops Dual purpose hop with high alpha acids with bold tropical fruit flavors, reminiscent of pineapple and mango. Provides a balanced bitterness. Late addition utilization releases the tropical flavor and fruity aroma. Very popular in heavily hopped...
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Copper Hop Pellets MI (2021)
COPPER™ HOPS Michigan Hops Our Michigan-grown Copper is a Chinook cross that is a vigorous super-aroma hop with very fragrant floral and tropical fruit aromas and flavors. Lot Number MHA555-21COP Characteristics fruit punch, black cherry, red hard candy, pineapple, and hibiscus...
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Fuggle Hop Pellets MI (2021)
FUGGLE HOPS Michigan Hops Fuggle (US) features a more balanced oil profile and higher alpha acid content than the original UK variety giving it a fruitier flavor profile. The Michigan climate and terroir is perfect for it. Lot Number Characteristics...
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Mackinac Hop Pellets MI (2021)
MACKINAC™ HOPS Michigan Hops Mackinac hops are the sister plant to Michigan Copper. Great as a late addition aroma hop. Hop aroma of fruit punch and robust citrus notes. Can be described as a super aroma. Another Chinook cross that...
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Triple Pearl MI Hop Pellets (2020)
TRIPLE PERLE HOPS Michigan Hops Triple Pearl was bred from a Perle female and an unknown male.  This resulted in higher alpha acid and more pronounced aroma. Triple Pearl is  bitter-forward with a slight astringency and nice mouth-feel.  Aroma is...
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Wild Wolf Hop Pellets MI (2020)
WILD WOLF HOPS Michigan Hops Wild Wolf is a new hop variety found by Custer, Michigan. Soft fruit, herbal and natural earthy notes make this a nice, approachable hop. Lot Number MHA555-WW21 Characteristics Soft fruit, herbaly, earthy Usage Dual Purpose...
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