Mosaic Incognito Advanced Hop Extract

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INCOGNITO® is a 100% all-natural hop invention created to bring highly concentrated flavor while making the most of brewing efficiency and reducing process loss.

INCOGNITO® is designed for the brewhouse whirlpool to accomplish the highest impact of flavor and aroma. The product contains no hop solids and eliminates wort losses associated with hop pellet liquid absorption. Application: Mix with the hot wort before pouring into the whirlpool. Shelf life: 2 years (when stored properly).
Generally a 1:6 replacement ratio. Usage is 1g/L INCOGNITO in the whirlpool is equivalent to 1.5lb/bbl pellets (5.8g/L).
- 1g of weight is roughly equivalent of 1ml of volume
- Each 20g jar is roughly the equivalent of 4oz of T90 pellets hops in the whirlpool

Lot Number
Characteristics Mango, pine, citrus and herbs
Usage Aroma / Whirlpool
Alpha Acid 50.7%
Beta Acid --
Co-Humulone --
Total Oil (mg/g) --
Myrcene --
Humulene --
Caryophyllene --
Farnesene --
--Substitutes Simcoe®, Cascade (US), Centennial, Citra®
Style Guide IPA, NEIPA, IPL, pale ale, hop-forward styles
Storage Index 2 years
Check out our comprehensive hop substitution list. Formatted as a pdf file so you can download, print, and have on hand in the brewhouse.

Download Hop Substitution List

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Mosaic Incognito Advanced Hop Extract
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