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Sabro® Hop Pellets (2022)
SABRO® HOPS USA Hops Sabro comes from the same people that brought you Citra and Mosaic. This Neomexicanus hop imparts flavors of distinct tangerine, coconut, tropical fruit, stone fruit, with hints of mint, cedar and cream. Strongly expressive hop that...
from $12.99 USD
Zappa™ Pellet Hops (2022)
ZAPPA® HOPS Domestic Hops Zappa™ is a 100% Neomexicanus aroma hop from the  hills of New Mexico. Zappa™ has developed its own rebellious aroma and unique flavor characteristics. Lot Number -- Characteristics Unique passion fruit, mint, tropical and fruity pebbles...
from $10.99 USD
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