Strata Pellet Hops (2022)
STRATA HOPS USA Hops Strata can be described as Passion fruit meets weed. It has waves of tropical fruit including; mango, passion fruit, melon, fresh berry/strawberry, and grapefruit.  Lot Number 22-WA409-004 Characteristics Strawberry, passion fruit, grapefruit, dank Usage Dual Purpose...
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Nelson Sauvin NZ Hop Pellets (2022)
NELSON SAUVIN™ HOPS New Zealand Hops Nelson Sauvin hops have gained popularity in American-style Pale Ales but are definitely requires prudent and discerning application in brewing. Nelson Sauvin' s oil profile is complex and fortunately works well as an aroma...
from $17.99 USD
Motueka NZ Hop Pellets (2022)
MOTUEKA™ HOPS New Zealand Hops As an aroma hop, MotuekaTM has a distinctive fresh crushed citrus 'mojito' lime character. Motueka™ makes excellent dual-use hop carrying an exciting fruit aroma with refreshing notes of tropical fruit and citrus. It can be...
from $12.99 USD
Wakatu NZ Hop Pellets (2022)
WAKATU™ HOPS New Zealand Hops Wakatu hops are a multi-skilled hop that consistently delivers from kettle to consumer. A true dual-purpose variety with an enviable alpha: beta ratio and oils profile. This all-round brewery performer gives excellent flavor and aroma...
from $14.99 USD
Waimea™ NZ Hop Pellets (2022)
WAIMEA™ HOPS New Zealand Hops Waimea is a new New Zealand dual-use variety originally bred for high alpha and bittering qualities. Despite its incredibly high alphas, brewing characteristics of Waimea include some decidedly favorable flavor and aromas of fresh-crushed citrus...
from $13.99 USD
Bravo Hop Pellets (2022)
BRAVO HOPS USA Hops Bravo’s high alpha content is largely attributable to its parent variety, Zeus. It’s bittering quality is considered smooth and in addition features light floral aromas and subtle flavors of orange and stone fruit making it highly...
from $9.99 USD
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Wai-iti™ NZ Hop Pellets (2021)
WAI-ITI™ HOPS New Zealand Hops   Wai-iti™ is a new hop variety developed by New Zealand Plant and Food Research with release from the New Zealand Hop breeding Programme in 2011. It was selected for its low alpha acid and...
from $14.99 USD
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