Experimental 09326 Hop Pellets (2022)
$13.99 USD from $9.99 USD
Experimental 09326 Hop Pellets (2022)
EXPERIMENTAL 09326 HOPS USA HopsThis experimental varietal from Hopsteiner has a strong genetic link to Cascade. 09326 is recommended primarily for aroma additions for pungent notes of berry jam, tropical fruit, grapefruit and subtle herbal notes. Best suited for IPAs...
$13.99 USD from $9.99 USD
CLS-X14 Hop Pellets (2022)
CLS-X14 HOPS USA Hops Dual purpose variety noted to be similar to Mosaic®. Dark berry note as its main character and slightly perfume at first blush.  Experimental hop CLS-X14 comes to us from our friends at CLS Farms in Moxee,...
$109.89 USD
Experimental ID-158 "Pink" Hop Pellets (2023)
EXP ID-158 HOPS USA HopsNew hop from Jackson Farms in Wilder, ID. They also brought us Idaho-7. ID-158 gives the combo of citrus and stone fruit as well as subtle flavors of honey, apple, and vanilla. Refreshing strawberry notes as well. ...
from $12.99 USD
Experimental 2B Hop Pellets (2023) NEW!
EXP 2B HOPS USA Hops The second hop to be released by West Coast Hop Breeding. This hop is showing superior disease resistance . This “late-pick” hop is vigorous and can be grown both conventionally and organically.  2B has a...
from $9.99 USD
Experimental X25 Hop Pellets (2022)
EXPERIMENTAL 25 HOPS USA Hops Experimental 25 hops are a new variety described to be fruity, herbal and clean with notes of berry, star anise, mint, orange, lime. Lot Number -- Characteristics Berry, star anise, mint, orange, lime Usage Dual...
from $9.99 USD
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