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HBC 431 Hop Pellets (2021) NEW!
HBC 431 HOPS Domestic Hops The aroma of HBC 431 is a complex assortment of fruits accompanied by earthy and herbal aromas. Its fruity character has been described as peaches, berries, and tropical fruits. The fruity character of the hop...
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HBC 522 Hop Pellets (2021) NEW!
HBC 522 HOPS Domestic Hops HBC 522 has been described as similar to Centennial and Cascade with a mix of floral, citrus (especially orange and grapefruit), and pine needles. Lot Number Characteristics Bitter orange, grapefruit, pine needles, jasmine Usage Dual...
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Akoya GR Hop Pellets (2021) NEW!
AKOYA HOPS German Hops Akoya Hops are a new experimental hop from Hopsteiner. Akoya hops have notes of tea, spicy, green fruit, and pepper. Lot Number 24DE/2021/0102 Characteristics tea, spicy, green fruit, and pepper Usage Dual Purpose Alpha Acid 12.6%...
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Solero GR Hop Pellets (2021) NEW!
SOLERO™ HOPS German Hops A new experimental hop from Hopsteiner, Solero hops have notes of tropical fruits, mango, passion fruit. Lot Number 24DE/2021/0117 Characteristics Tropical fruits, mango, passion fruit Usage Dual Purpose Alpha Acid 11% Beta Acid Co-Humulone 35% -...
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Experimental #09326 Hop Pellets (2021) NEW!
EXPERIMENTAL #09326 HOPS USA Hops Newly released experimental variety. Seventy-five percent Cascade in origin, Experimental #09326 is an aroma-type hop that matures mid-to-late season. Its bright, punchy aroma has been described as grapefruit and tropical fruit, but brew trials indicate this...
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