• New Zealand Motueka™

    New Zealand Motueka™
    New Zealand Motueka™ Hops are named after a prominent commercial agricultural growing region in New Zealand. Motueka is a relatively new variety, bred by crossing a selection from the New Zealand breeding program with a Saaz-type variety. With moderate alpha acid levels and relatively low cohumulone content, Motueka is purported to be an excellent all-purpose hop, providing a solid yet smooth bitterness from early...
  • What Are Hops Good For?

    What Are Hops Good For?
    Those who grow hops or homebrewers who find extras on hand might wonder what else is there to do with hops besides making beer. Fortunately, there are many different potential uses for hops exclusive of brewing with beer. Fresh, dried, and even pellet hops have a variety of uses in addition to the beer-making process. When used correctly, hops are helpful to items including...
  • When are hops ready to harvest?

    When are hops ready to harvest?
    Depending on the specific growing zone, most hops are usually ready to pick by late August or early September. To test a cone's readiness, select a random cone and cut it vertically. In the center, a ripe cone will have yellow dust, known as lupulin. The cone will also emit a pungently hoppy smell. Another way to tell is to snap a hop cone...
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