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Barbe Rouge FR Hop Pellets (2020)
BARBE ROUGE HOPS French Hops Barbe Rouge is a newer French hop with unique fruity characteristics. Barbe Rouge is known for exhibiting notes of orange, lime, red berries, and citrus fruits. Lot Number 20-0028 Characteristics orange, lime, citrus, raspberry, strawberry,...
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Mistral FR Hop Pellets (2021)
MISTRAL HOPS French Hops Mistral is a new and exciting hop variety developed in the legendary growing region of Alsace, France. Mistral offers a refreshing character of citrus fruits, floral, and stone  fruits. Lot Number 21-676 Characteristics Citrus, tropical, stone...
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Strisselspalt FR Hop Pellets (2021) More 7/5
STRISSELSPALT HOPS French Hops Strisselspalt hops are considered a pleasant continental-style aroma hop featuring subtle spicy notes, with herbal and floral aromas surrounding an undercurrent of citrus and fruit. Lot Number 21-677 Characteristics herbal, floral, spicy, citrus, fruit Usage Aroma...
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