Nelson Sauvin NZ Hop Pellets (2021)

21-Nelson Sauvin-NZ-90-X1
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New Zealand Hops
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$19.99 USD


New Zealand Hops

Nelson Sauvin hops have gained popularity in American-style Pale Ales but are definitely requires prudent and discerning application in brewing. Nelson Sauvin' s oil profile is complex and fortunately works well as an aroma hop, flavor hop and also for bittering. Low Cohumulone is responsible for its smooth bittering qualities. Nelson Sauvin' s name is derived from the Sauvignon Blanc wine grape to which many agree has similar flavor and aroma characteristics.

Lot Number FH21-SV35-NSN
Characteristics Smooth bittering, rich, fruity, gooseberry and white-wine flavors
Usage Dual Purpose
Alpha Acid 11.4%
Beta Acid 6.8%
Co-Humulone 24.0%
Total Oil 2.3 mL/100g
Substitutes Pacific Jade, Pacifica
Style Guide American Pale Ale, India Pale Ale, Pale Ale
Storage Index 0.210 HSI

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