Multihead MI Hop Pellets (2022) Michigan Grown

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Multihead hops are a unique Neomexicanus breed that is known for its tendency to produce dual cones. Multihead hops impart intense tropical fruit flavors including guava, melon, apricot, citrus, and peach. Fans of Medusa should check this hop out. 
“I was blown away with the aroma of the Multihead pellets out of the bag. Like pog juice. Passionfruit, orange citrus, guava, and dried stone fruit like apricot and peach rings.” Prismatic Brewing 

Lot Number MI555-MTH22
Characteristics guava, melon, apricot, citrus, peach
Usage Dual Purpose
Alpha Acid 4.79%
Beta Acid 6.37%
Cohumulone 32.9%
Total Oil 1.08 mL/100g
Myrcene 19.49%
Humulene 21.59%
Caryophyllene 11.21%
Farnesene 0.53%
Substitutes Medusa
Style Guide IPA, NEIPA, pale ale, hop forward styles
Storage Index HSI 0.255

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