Lotus T-45 CRYO Hop Pellets (2021)

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The majority of Lotus genetic makeup from Eastern Gold, a Japanese variety dating back to the 1930s followed by a mix of Apollo, Cascade, and a USDA male. The USDA male was bred from an open pollinated seedling of a wild American hop developed at Wye College, England. The cross from the USDA male with Neomexicanus heritage adds an additional layer of complexity and uniqueness to this variety. Lotus™ offers exceptional aromatic characteristics, boasting waves of orange and vanilla followed by notes of candied grape and tropical fruit aromas. 

What are T45 pellet hops?
T-45 pellets are milled the addition of heat to make the lupulin less sticky. Once through the mill, some of the vegetative matter is removed and the remaining material is then pelletized. T-45 pellets end up with a higher alpha acid content, and have a lower oxygen exposure per surface area than the other forms, which means a drop in degradation over time.

Lot Number 21P0356
Characteristics Orange, vanilla, berry, tropical fruits, candied grape
Usage Dual Purpose
Alpha Acid 25.3%
Beta Acid 9.2%
Total Oil 1.9%
Style Guide IPAs, NEIPAs, pale ales, hop-forward ales
Storage Index

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