Enigma AU Hop Pellets (2020)

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Australian Hops
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Australian Hops

Enigma hops are a fascinating hop that imparts irresistibly appealing white grape and light tropical fruit flavors far removed from her heritage. Enigma™ has the ability to perform on her own or play a supporting role in many beer styles. Different aspects of her character shine depending on how you use her, but late addition really maximizes her flavor and aroma potential.

Lot Number TV106
Characteristics White wine grapes and red berries
Usage Dual Purpose
Alpha Acid 18.1%
Beta Acid 5.0% - 6.5%
Co-Humulone 37% - 43%
Total Oil 2.8 mL/100g
Myrcene 20% - 35%
Humulene 12% - 19%
Caryophyllene 6.0% - 8.0%
Substitutes Nelson Sauvin
Style Guide Pale Ale, India Pale Ale, NEIPA
Storage Index HSI 0.295

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