Bergamot MI Hop Pellets (2022) Michigan Grown!
BERGAMOT HOPS Michigan HopsThis dual-purpose hop is versatile and can be used in all hop additions throughout the brewing process. What stands out prominently about Bergamot is its unmistakable orange aroma. Bergamot also boasts a rich aroma profile that includes notes...
$120.89 USD
Copper MI Hop Pellets (2022) Michigan Grown!
COPPER HOPS Michigan Hops Our Michigan-grown Copper is a Chinook cross that is a vigorous super-aroma hop with very fragrant floral and tropical fruit aromas and flavors. Lot Number MI555-22COP Characteristics fruit punch, black cherry, red hard candy, pineapple, and hibiscus...
$98.89 USD
Emerald Spire MI Hop Pellets (2022) Michigan Grown!
EMERALD SPIRE HOPS Michigan HopsEmerald Spire Pleasant, Fruit forward and Delicious. Spire has excellent white grape notes and finishes with a champagne-like dryness making it incredibly unique. It's quickly becoming an essential tool for crafting an entirely new type of...
$120.89 USD
Gemini MI Hop Pellets (2022) Michigan Grown!
GEMINI HOPS Michigan Hops Gemini is a dual-purpose hop that can be used throughout the brewing process. Aromas Identified by Brewers: Strawberry, Candy, Fruit Punch, Honey Dew, Lemon Pith, Mandarin Lot Number -- Characteristics Strawberry, Candy, Fruit Punch, Honey Dew,...
$131.89 USD
Mackinac Hop Pellets (2022) Michigan Grown!
MACKINAC HOPS Michigan Hops Mackinac hops are the sister plant to Michigan Copper. Great as a late addition aroma hop. Hop aroma of fruit punch and robust citrus notes. Can be described as a super aroma. Another Chinook cross that...
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Multihead MI Hop Pellets (2022) 23 crop coming!
MULTIHEAD HOPS Michigan Hops Multihead hops are a unique Neomexicanus breed that is known for its tendency to produce dual cones. Multihead hops impart intense tropical fruit flavors including guava, melon, apricot, citrus, and peach. Fans of Medusa should check...
from $13.99 USD
Nugget MI Hop Pellets (2022) Michigan Grown!
NUGGET HOPS Michigan Hops Nugget hops super alpha acid content, low beta and low Cohumulone percentages give it an excellent bittering kick popular in IPAs, Imperials and other super. Its high myrcene content also results in a green, herbal aroma....
from $98.89 USD
Tettnang MI Hop Pellets (2022)Michigan Grown!
TETTNANG HOPS Michigan Hops Though characteristically similar to Hallertau and genetically similar to Saaz, Tettnanger has notably more farnesene content giving it a soft spiciness and a subtle, balanced, floral and herbal aroma. It is also great as a dual-use...
$98.89 USD $87.89 USD
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