Falconer's Flight® Hop Pellets (2021)

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Developed by Hopunion LLC in 2010, Falconer’s Flight® hop pellets are an exclusive proprietary hop blend created to honor and support the legacy of Northwest brewing legend, Glen Hay Falconer. These hop pellets are an excellent complement to many IPA and Pale Ale-oriented hop varieties. Specific aroma descriptors include distinct tropical, floral, lemon and grapefruit characteristics.

Lot Number P92-GUFAL1142
Characteristics Grapefruit, lemon, sweet aromatic
Usage Dual Purpose
Alpha Acid 10.1%
Beta Acid 5.7%
Co-Humulone 27.3%
Total Oil 2.0 mL/100g
Myrcene 50.2%
Humulene 16.0%
Caryophyllene 7.9%
Farnesene 2.4%
Substitutes Cascade, Columbus, Centennial
Style Guide India Pale Ale, Pale Ale, Lager
Storage Index .279 HSI

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